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The summer of death brings forth life! Sometime during the night this mama brought a set of boy girl twins into the world. ...

I often get asked about the Loan Journey.

The First step is to have an honest conversation of what is important to you about where you live.

I believe that where you raise your family and break bread with your loved ones and those closest to you is extremely important.

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My son moves up to a bike that is slightly too big for him.

Was it a little uncomfortable at first, a little scary? For sure. being out of one`s comfort zone is a sure way to grow.

This housing market as a buyer is a little scary and uncomfortable. But there are deals out there and it might be the right time to at least look at the numbers and see if the timing makes sense.


Was reminded this weekend that little things loom large.

I couldn`t think of a better way to sum up buying acreage and working to care for it everyday.

@anna.hayhurst.gregg who manages to pull off a look even when attending to homestead chores, I love you

I used to see these everywhere as a kid. But I have never found a baby until now. All baby animals are pretty cute but I think this one takes the cake


Started a new family tradition that we`ve nicked named wish day. We gave our son a few days to think about three things that we would have to say yes to. This is what he came up with:

1. Movie night
2. Sleep in Mama and Papa`s bed
3. Double chocolate chip cookie

Gregg Ranch had a few special visitors today! Hand feeding sheep and llamas with style 😁

Sarah Vaughan Diana Murrieta Gregg

Mortgage insurance now permanently lower for FHA mortgages

Mortgage Insurance FHA
The reason why FHA is gonna rise in popularity, and that has to do with mortgage insurance, which is not a fun thing to talk about but a big change in the FHA world is that the way that mortgage insurance is calculated has forever changed.

So with a conventional loan, it all has to do with your LTV, which is a representation of how much you`re putting down and your credit score. Those two things. Coupled with FHA, it is credit score independent, and when it comes to down payment, if you`re putting minimum.

The way that it`s calculated, it used to be 85 basis points times the loan amount. It`s been reduced by 30 basis points, so now it`s 55 basis points, times the loan 📍 amount. And so on average, I`ll actually put a chart. It`s a big savings.

It used to be a line in the sand. If you were around 700 as far as a FICO score, it would make more sense to go conventional. Your, your PMI or your mortgage insurance would be less than going FHA. But now the FHA has done the recalculation. I`ve looked with several clients, even those with credit scores in the 720`s and 730`s, it may make more sense to do an FHA loan
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Another past client had a big win this week with a Recast. 🏠💰
A recast is a way to permanently reduce your monthly payments by making a large payment just towards the principle of your home. You keep the same interest rate but your monthly payment is recalculated based on the new balance. Learn more about how it works and whether it could be a good option for you! 🤔 Recasts are achieved through whoever is currently servicing your loan so this doesn`t apply across the board. 💡 UWM is one of my favorite lenders that I like to send loans through as a mortgage broker, Their recast policy is very straightforward.
1.You have to at least pay $5,000 towards the principle balance
2. The cost is $150
3. Must be a Conventional loan.

Ever wondered How to find out if a Property currently has an Ag Exemption? These steps work for any County in Texas I`m looking up a property in Denton County, this is the tax website:  You can also Google: "______County tax website property search for whatever county you`re looking at.

So guys, I`m a little nervous. I don`t want people showing up at my house. You know what my name is. If you didn`t know this (it`s kind of creepy) But you search ANY county tax website in Texas and find out where people live by looking up their name. So this is, this is my house and I`m gonna show you behind the hood how I look at properties that I`m going to buy that have acreage. So, as some of you might know, I didn`t grow up in the country. I grew up in the city in Lewisville, Texas. This is some information I wish I would`ve known, as buying a property with an agit exemption is one of my favorite strategies.How do you know if a property has an AG exemption on it? This is what you need to look for:
Agricultural Market Valuation.
📍 If there`s not a dollar amount there, there`s not an Ag exemption on the property. Also, there has to have been an 📍 agricultural exemption on the property for the last five out of seven years. So if you`re establishing one from scratch, it takes you five years, and that`s a real beating. I don`t know about you, but I don`t wanna wait around five years. So when I bought this property, I specifically looked and found one that had a agricultural market valuation (aka Ag Exemption).

If you have a property you need  help with or general questions, Reach out for help! (817) 781-9392

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The birthday cakes 🍰 just keep getting better every year ...

Family Day in Fort Worth!
Special thanks to my wife for coordinating they boys` outfits.

I`m calling 2023 the year of Improvements. Now, hold on. I`m not talking about self-improvement. I`m talking about real estate bargains in 2023. Look for properties that need a little bit of help, that need a little bit of improvement. I`m specifically talking about countertops, flooring, painting, things like that, they`re really easy to Sub Contract out. Or if you`re handy, you can take that work on. Also, fellas out there, if you want to impress your lady.. Find an outdated property, Negotiat with the Seller and have them cover your closing costs with a seller concession. You can use the money you would`ve used for closing costs and upgrade as your wife or your lady sees fit. That`s my plan for 2023. We`ll see how it turns out


In the spirit of always improving and getting better, I have some exciting news. My company, NXT Mortgage is joining up with UMortgage.

I`m still a Mortgage Broker but now I have access to even more lenders .  I`m able to shop 22 different lenders whenever we`re working together to get you the best possible interest rate and deal on the home loan.

The other big benefit is when it comes to client experience. My desire was and still continues to be providing the best client experience possible. So with this move, I have access to an entire team of local Processors and Operations support to help make the process even smoother and to close your loan as soon as possible.

If we`ve done business together this year or in the past, I am truly grateful for your support! And if I don`t talk to you before... Merry Christmas!

Although our tree has been up for a couple weeks I feel that December 1st means that the Christmas season really is upon us. If You have some leftover pumpkins let us know 🙂 ...

This book has and continues to blow me away. The Supernatural realm is an area that most are not willing to talk about or even consider thinking about. We tend to minimize that which we don`t understand. The author is an ancient Hebrew scholar and challenges so much of the old testament that has been shrouded in mystery.
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